• GeoSatFinder is an easy to use and feature rich satellite dish aiming calculator.


  • Perfect for installing Glorystar, Adventistsat, FTA (Free to Air), Dish Network, DirecTV, WildBlue, DirectWay, Shaw Direct or any other satellite system.


  • Find aiming information by City / Zip code, city name, or longitude and latitude.


  • Automatically calculates the correct compass reading so you don't have to study a map and correctly add/subtract magnetic deviation (declination) tables.


  • Provides skew (LNBF rotation) calculation for setting single and dual LNBF dishes.


  • Pinpoint accuracy for all of the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America using the most current 2018 geographical data.


  • Updated 2018 satellite name lists includes all current satellites with active transponders and footprints into the Americas (including Hawaii).


  • Web based application provides access to instant information while on location using a mobile browser or internet enabled cell.


  • Print PDF aiming coordinates before you go to the installation site.


  • Print a list of all available satellites with aiming coordinates from any location.


  • Determine what satellite is your True South useful for motorized dish installations.

Example Printout:
The following information is used to correctly align your satellite dish installed in Roseville, CA,   United States  to receive a signal from the Galaxy 19 Ku (97.0 W) satellite. 

The LNBF rotation is set when looking from in front of the dish.

Compass Reading: 129.1deg.
Left / Right
Dish Elevation: 38.5deg.
Up / Down
LNBF Rotation: - 27.1 deg.
Clockwise / Counter-clockwise
Azimuth Example - GeoSatFinder Elevation Example - GeoSatFinder LNBF Rotation Example - GeoSatFinder

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