About Glorystar

Glorystar is a wholly owned subsidiary of SatelliteAV, LLC  located in Rocklin, California. 

Glorystar offers a full range of satellite and internet streaming broadcast equipment as well as media distribution services for Christian ministries, content creators and aggregators. Glorystar reaches over 2 million viewers in North America whom enjoy watching the largest selection of Christian and family friendly programs from across the globe via satellite or internet television. 

Do You Even Stream? 

Glorystar offers affordable options to reach viewers via the internet worldwide:

  • Church Service Broadcast
  • Live Event Broadcast
  • Off Site Broadcast
  • Monetized Content
  • New Creative Programs
  • 24/7 Broadcasting Channel
  • Distribution Network

Direct To Home Satellite 

Glorystar offers uplink and downlink infrastructure to get top quality signal anywhere in the world via Satellite Broadcast. Complete distribution packages available for bulk or retail delivery to providers and customers. 

  • North America: Galaxy 19
  • Australia / New Zealand: Optus D2
  • South Asia: ABS2
  • Africa: Intelsat 21, ABS2
  • Europe: Hotbird 13/Astra

SatelliteAV, LLC 
SatelliteAV, LLC is an owner, manufacturer and distributor of GEOSATpro brand.  We develop, manufacture and support a large range of Satellite and Internet Streaming products for commercial and retail applications. We have significant engineering and consulting resources available that we extend to our customers and Broadcast Partners.

SatelliteAV, LLC will help you start and develop your media business and we will help you distribute your unique content to the ends of the earth.

Corporate Offices:

4021 Alvis Court, Suite 5
Rocklin, California 95677


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