In the U.S. and Canada there are hundreds of TV and Radio channels that are available via the DVB standard Free to Air (FTA) receivers that are not encrypted. These include many Christian channels on satellite Galaxy19 KU Band. The cost of being carried on the satellite is paid for by each broadcaster who chooses to distribute their programming free of charge to their viewers. Some channels are transmitted to be received Direct To Home, while others are available as the channels are being shuttled from one area of the world to another for local rebroadcast or to be carried by a cable company. Many other channels are foreign channels that are paid for by their governments. These include Saudi TV, Abu Dhabi, Thai TV, Kuwait TV, Syria TV, Taiwan, Iran. Follow this link to view programming that is potentially available in North America.  Glorystar 36" KU band systems can receive frequencies 11.7 - 12.2 GHz, DVB format, and non-encrypted (F - free).

The MPEG technology behind free to air programming (FTA) is the same as the DBS services such as DirecTV, Dish Network and Bell ExpressView use. However, subscription satellite services add encryption to their signals to prevent non-paying customers from viewing their channels. The technology that DBS services use is similar to FTA, but the receivers cannot be used for FTA. DirecTV, Dish Network and Bell ExpressView receivers are proprietary and meant to be used on closed systems that will only receive subscription based programming. Galaxy19 use the Direct to Home FSS KU band frequency, which by FCC regulation uses lower power satellites than the DBS services. A 36" dish is required in the continental US to reliably acquire the signal. DBS services use a dish that is too small to work for FTA and use a LNBF with a different frequency response and polarization than FTA.

Installing a FTA Ku band system is very similar to installing a DirecTV or Dish Network system, so anyone qualified to install any of those systems should be able to install a FTA system. We include a simple step-by-step installation guide for the Do It Yourselfer or to aid the professional installer.

Glorystar Satellite Systems are shipped pre-programmed for all available Christian channels and are automatically updated with new channels or you may choose to override and reprogram the receiver to receive the additional channels that are available. When you purchase a complete system from GloryStar Christian TV and Radio Service, all the correct parameters are preset in the receiver, aiming coordinates are provided. All hardware and installation supplies right down to the silicone sealant and nylon cable ties are provided for a basic install, making it significantly easier to install than any other FTA satellite equipment.