How to scan for TBN, Church Channel, JUCE and Smile of a Child

Updated 03/02/2015
NOTICE: Instructions Valid Since March 2nd, 2015

TBN has several channels on Galaxy 19 Satellite. Current Glorystar receivers will be automatically updated to receive these channels. Automatic updating models are: GEOSATpro HDVR1200, DVR1100 / DSR100 / DSR200.

If you have an older receiver (Manhattan, Topfield, Fortec Star) the best method for updating your receiver for all of the TBN Channels is to delete current channels, scan for the new channels then delete the unwanted channels. 

We highly recommend the purchase of a complete Glorystar system or upgrade your old receiver with a new Glorystar receiver. Glorystar receivers have all channel changes in place and automatically update to add new channels as they become available. Please call us at 866-597-0728 and ask the sales team for a Glorystar system or receiver upgrade to watch all the current channels and automatically add any new Glorystar channels.

TBN Channels Parameters for North America

Satellite: Galaxy 19

Transponder Frequency: 12053
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 22000
FEC: 3/4
Church Channel
Smile of a Child
TBN Nejat
Al Horreya
Transponder Frequency: 12060
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 22000
FEC: 3/4

Note: The Galaxy 19 satellite has had several names through the years. This satellite may be named in your receiver as: Telstar 5, T5, Intelsat America 5, IA5, Galaxy 25, G25, Galaxy 19 or G19.

If you get lost, call Glorystar.

If you are unable to program your receiver and wish to contract a local installer to assist, please visit an online satellite installer referral service at