How to Add New Channels to My Receiver

Updated 01/01/2017

Many other channels are available on the Galaxy 19 satellite. If you have a GEOSATpro HDVR3500, HDVR1200, DVR1100c, DSR100c or 200c receiver, the Christian and family friendly channels will be automatically updated each week.

These free online instructions are provided as a courtesy to owners of older receivers which require manual programming to add channels. The Glorystar telephone technical support team is available to provide telephone technical support for GEOSATpro and Fortec Star products at no charge. Glorystar telephone support team is available to provide telephone support for all brands not sold by Glorystar or Adventist Satellite. If you need assistance with these other brands and models, please contact Glorystar.

Before you begin to update and add these channels to your system, please follow this link Glorystar Channels to view a channel list. The channel data must be manually entered and scanned into these older legacy receivers.

For GEOSATpro DSR100, DSR200 and DSR1100 - you will need to do factory reset and activate the receiver in Advanced mode in order to scan for channels.

For any other receiver, please go to Menu > Settings > Satellite Scan / Satellite Search option.  Then make sure select Start or select the Green button on the remote to start scanning.  Please refer to specific receiver manual for more detailed search option.


Note: The Galaxy 19 satellite has had several names through the years. This satellite may have a different name in your receiver, but it is the same satellite. Previous names for this satellite include: Telstar 5, T5, Intelsat America 5, IA5, Galaxy 25, G25, Galaxy 19 or G19.

To contract a local satellite technician to assist with the receiver programming, please visit a free satellite installer referral service online at