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ECODA 2x1 22KHz tone switches automatically switch between two LNBs allowing reception from multiple satellites with any 22KHz compatible receiver.

Ecoda 22KHz tone switches are the most reliable switches on the market. We have load tested this switch with over 3 times the current draw rating and hot patched over 1000 cycles, which blew every other of the competition's switches leaving them dead ...... The Ecoda 22KHz switches kept reliably switching for thousands of cycles under this tremendous load!



Frequency Range 950 - 2150Mhz
Insertion Loss 1.5dB typical
Isolation 20dB typical
Current Rating 300mA

* Replacement Item for Glorystar DiSEqC 2x1 switch


Example of a two room connection with a 22KHz switch

Multiple Room Satellite Dish Connection Diagram with 22KHZ multi-switch

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