Flash Drive - USB 2.0 Thumb Drive 64GB

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size: 12.00 W × 9.00 H × 1.00 L
Weight: 0.50 LBS
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64 Hours Recording. *

Plug & Play USB 2.0 thumb drive connects to your GEOSATpro HDVR1200 or DVR1100c DVR compatible receivers and unlocks the ability to record and playback in High Quality digital TV and Radio. Make copies of your favorite programs without any loss of picture or audio quality. The copies always will look and sound exactly like the original! The portable USB 2.0 flash drive can also be unplugged from the satellite receiver and connected to a PC or Mac computer for watching or listening to recorded programming on your desktop computer or while traveling with a laptop! 

Perfect starter drive! 

* The 64GB size allows over 64 hours of standard resolution TV and hundreds of hours of radio program recording.  

Manufacturer: Team Group Inc
Interface: High Speed USB 2.0 (backward compatible USB 1.1)
Memory Size: 64GB
Supporting OS: 
Windows 98SE/ME/2000XP/Vista/7 - Mac OS 9.2/10.1.5/10.2 Later - Linux
MS/FAT32 (instant operation with GEOSATpro HDVR1200, DVR1100c and other satellite receivers)

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