About Glorystar

Glorystar Satellite Systems is your resource for the highest quality satellite and internet equipment that will allow you 24/7 access to spiritually uplifting and culturally diverse Christian programming. The Glorystar satellite system provides the most free Christian channels, has NO monthly fees, is guaranteed to be the easiest to install, and offers the most advanced features and innovative technology of any system available insuring years of enjoyment.

We are also the leading ministry support partner for Christian TV and Radio satellite and internet broadcasters in North America. Glorystar provides promotion, sales and equipment distribution to our broadcasters.... at no charge!

  • Glorystar satellite system is a perfect gift for the new person visiting your church or as an outreach to a neighbor, friend, shut-in or to an entire community!
  • Donate a Glorystar system to your church for viewing special programming events.
  • Youth Center TVs will play Christ centered concerts, music videos and entertainment shows.
  • Glorystar Affiliate Programs reward you or your favorite charity / organization for every system that is purchased. 
  • Glorystar fundraiser packages assists groups in gathering money for special projects or mission trips while promoting safe and Christ centered television and radio.
  • Satellite Installers - Become a reseller of satellite programming that promotes a positive lifestyle.

Receive the most Christian Satellite and Internet channels with Glorystar! 
More Christian channels are available with Glorystar than on any subscription cable provider or satellite service including Dish Network or DirecTV! 

Corporate Offices and Warehouse:
4021 Alvis Court, Suite 5
Rocklin, California 95677