Glorystar Installation

Ever installed a light switch, ceiling fan, basketball hoop and programmed a VCR? If so, you might consider installing your own Glorystar Christian satellite system. Over 80% of all Glorystar satellite system owners have either self installed the system or had a friend or family member assist. All that is needed to perform a self install is 2 or 3 hours, a small portable TV, patience to read and follow the included step by step instructions and a few simple hand tools.

If you prefer to contract a local installer, is free referral service to introduce local professional technicians and laypersons to satellite system owners. The average basic install cost of a single room
residential system provided by a licensed and insured professional is approximately $175, dish upgrades $125 and services calls $75. Please note that these are national averages and costs will vary depending on the complexity of the job, travel and region. Please visit for a list of local installers for system installs or service calls and learn more about the FTA Install service.

FTA Install
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